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Born in the early 80s, soon music became my favorite art expression, photography came a few years later. Ten years after being a professional photographer I started to do music videos. Since my early 20s and until these days, sound design occupies a big part of my time.

Now that I look back, creating art was a necessity to communicate with the world and it was a nice excuse to make bonds with the people I worked with. It's been like that since the first day. I fell in love with life and the people around me - it was never a technical thing - once I new the basics, I started doing something. No matter what material, source, form or shape.

In 2015 I released my debut photography book "Keats Way", celebrating my early years as a portrait photographer. When it comes to music videos, so far I have more than 1,5 million combined views on my clients' youtube videos - not counting other social media platforms, live shows or tv broadcast.

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do - so many different people and different cultures made me understand that we're not so different after all, we seek for the same goals, only in different ways.

Curious and creative by nature, I rather prefer to be happy and keep my inner peace than to take it all at once. Life is not a race, it's an overwhelming marathon and making bonds and some good friends along this journey is the best part. Life is always short, we better make it count. For real.

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